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UD. Galaxy Andromeda 2 (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

UD. Galaxy Andromeda was founded in 2008 to meet the market demand for the goods in the form of cooling: Refrigerant Gas, Oil Compressor and Spare Parts.

With the backdrop of us engaged in the world gas cooler, we know that in the market require a lot of material quality material to support the engine cooling machine such as: Split AC, Fridge, AC Central Building, Showcase, Freezer, Coldstorage, Chiller, and transpot Box.

UD. Galaxy Andromeda is engaged in a lot of air conditioning cooling home and automobile air conditioners for many years so we have enough network in East Java, Central Java, Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

We have established relationships with stores in the area over a long time and sell wholesale system. We also sell a lot of goods Refrigerant Compressor in Gas and Oil Retail directly to Contractors, Building Management, Hotel, Service-an AC household, Factory and many workshops AC Cars, Bus and Taxi.

UD. Galaxy Andromeda always maintain the quality of products sold to consumers with quality control of products before they are sold so that our customers are satisfied.

In 2013, we complement our business by selling parts Split AC, Refrigerator and Washing Machine.

2016, to meet consumer demand and add to the network, we opened a new branch that is UD. Galaxy Andromeda 2 Tandes, where the goods that we sell also at a very competitive price so that it can compete in the market and with the best quality.

UD. Galaxy Andromeda 2 Tandes the inquiry in the party as well as retail. We also serve a consumer purchases from outside the city of Surabaya.

We hold some dealers Products such as Dupont Dupont USA and Shanghai, Honeywell Genetron, and Oil Compressor Emkarate.

Some of our products are imported himself and became Sub Supplier Partner of Singapore such as: Suniso Witco, ND ND 9 and 8, Emkarate RL and BNF R-134a.

We sell a type of Freon is quite complete as: R22, R 134a, R 404A, R 407C, R 410a, R 123 and R 507.

We are committed to being one of the Importer & AC & Refrigeration Spare Parts Retail best in East Java that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

1. Being one AC & Refrigeration Spare Parts Store's most complete product.
2. Creating Customer Satisfaction in terms of quality of goods, services and prices that can compete.
3. Make it easier for consumers to shop with the concept of Online Information facility.

We care about the quality, performance, and price that can compete.

We hope to be given the opportunity to build relationships with the company which Mr / Mrs lead.
So thank you for the opportunity and the time.

Best regards,



Kami berkomitmen menjadi salah satu importir & Retailer Spare Parts AC & Refrigeration terbaik di Jawa Timur yang mengutamakan Kepuasan Konsumen


Kami berkomitmen menjadi salah satu importir & Retailer Spare Parts AC & Refrigeration terbaik di Jawa Timur yang mengutamakan Kepuasan Konsumen


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